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What Does A Qualified Automotive Head Unit Dealer Need To Know?

(一)Definition of Car Head Unit

1、Car Head Unit Classification

Universal Car Head Unit:
This car head unit can be seamlessly integrated with any car model by simply adding the machine casing.

Special Car Head Unit:
This design is suitable for specific high-end models and is integrated with its functions. Currently, mid-to-high-end models such as BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Audi on the market have dedicated car radio screens.

2、Size Selection

  • Android car audio systems usually come in various screen sizes, such as 7inch, 9inch, 10inch, 10.25inch, 12.3inch, etc. 
The choice of screen size is mainly influenced by the size on the dashboard and car compatibility.
  • The current android audio head unit from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus, and other manufacturers in the market are primarily sized at 10.25 inch and 12.3 inch.


The Applicability of Cars is Different

Universal car head units are suitable for general needs and a variety of car models, while dedicated car head units are more suitable for specific car models that require higher customized functions and perfect installation.

Different in Functions and Installation Methods
  • Universal vehicle head units are designed for general vehicle models and usually have standard sizes and interfaces, and can be easily installed on a variety of vehicle models.
They usually have general functions, such as navigation, multimedia playback, Bluetooth connection, etc., but may not be fully adapted to the functions of some specific models.
  • Special vehicle head units are designed for specific car models, and they usually match the shape and size of the dashboard of the specific car model to achieve a more perfect installation.
A dedicated vehicle unit may have more customized functions, such as vehicle information display, vehicle condition monitoring, air conditioning control, etc., and can be better integrated with the vehicle's own system.

4、Product Solution and Function Introduction

(二)Product Sales Method

1、Sold Separately

Sold separately as a bare metal to dealers, suppliers, etc.

2、 Car Head Unit +Frame

Sold as a car radio and frame combined into one.
The same head unit can be applied to any car model as long as it is put on different car frames. Manufacturers can sell it in combination with the car model and the corresponding frame.

(三)Product Purchasing Method


If the customer has a forwarder, the product will be shipped to the customer's forwarder's address.

2、No Forwarder

If the customer does not have a freight forwarder, the product will be cleared for customs first and then shipped to the delivery address specified by the customer.
Installation And Payment Issues

Installation issues of car navigation screen

Our company and factory are in China. We will transport the products to your designated place by express. After you receive the goods, you don’t need to worry about installation problems.We will provide you with the following methods:
  • Complete and detailed installation video
  • Complete installation instructions
  • 24-hour online installation guidance

Payment Security Issues

I understand that you may be worried about the security of your payment funds. We have various payment methods, or here we will use Alibaba International Station, an internationally famous and official third-party platform.
(1)Alibaba official website protection policy: We have official stores on the international Alibaba platform, and your transactions are protected by the platform.
Notice:We will not receive the payment immediately after your payment is completed, it will be temporarily kept by the Alibaba platform; only after you receive the goods and confirm that the goods are correct on the platform, we can receive your payment amount. If we do not ship the goods, or If there is a problem with the product, the platform will also refund the funds to you. This means your funds are protected.
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Car Radio Shipping
(2)Multiple payment methods: We support multiple payment methods, You can choose any payment method you like.
T/T、L/C、Western Union、D/P、D/A、WeChat、Alipay.
(3)Complete transaction process: Before placing an order for a product, we will only collect part of the deposit from the customer, then notify the factory to prepare the goods, confirm with the customer before shipping, and then collect the remaining funds and ship the product.

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