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MCX Group: Pioneering Automotive Electronics Solutions Since 2009

Who Are We

MeiCanXin electronics technology company
We were founded in 2009. It is a high-technology company integrating R&D, manufacturing, and marketing services of automotive navigation and DVD products.
It had developed two different brands Tolkien and MCX. And it maintained a leading position over competitors relays on the rich product line marketing share and comprehensive competition ability. Providing automotive electronics solutions and innovative solutions on a global scale is the mission of our company.

Our Factory

MeiCanXin electronics technology company
We also have established several precision production lines and a scientific management system. The annual production capacity exceeds 800.000 units. To satisfying of the customer's requirement, our company has set up a second factory named HuiZhou MCX electronics technology Co, LTD, in the city of Huizhou 2019. It provides the same automotive video products of the universe model. Professional after-sale services are also our primary competition strategy. We have owned 39 after-sales service stations and a maintenance team providing customers with worry-free product services.
Company History
We hope to share the development history of MCX in the past 14 years with every customer. We firmly believe in the original intention of serving customers.
  • 2019
    Second Factory founded in HuiZhou
    Capacitity over 50K units/month
    With the increase of customer market demand, the company added a second factory and added multiple production lines.
  • 2018
    Sales Amount over 100Million RMB
    With our extensive distribution network, strong products and services, motivated sales team, and a good business environment, we have successfully become a market leader.
  • 2015
    Sales Amount over 50Million RMB
    We have had great success and growth in our business areas. we have been able to effectively meet customer needs and deliver solutions that resonate with the market.
  • 2014
    Set up Android Departmen

    For the further development of the company, we have increased the research and development and production of Android car navigation products.
  • 2012
    Sales Amount over 10Million RMB
    This phase is a testament to the hard work, dedication and effective business practices of MCX employees, paving the way for further growth and success.
  • 2011
    Second Product Brand: Tokein
    This is the second brand created by our company.
  • 2010
    The company achieves positive profit
    After a year of hard work by the company’s employees, we achieved positive profits in the second year of our establishment.
  • 2009
    Company Foundation, at ShenZhen, Brand MCX
    We officially join the adventurous life of the automotive multimedia industry.
Product Advantages
We use the latest upgraded chip on the market. The touch screen LCD screen has no black spots and no defects. It is sensitive to touch, has strong adaptability, stable function use and strong anti-interference ability. The product has passed CE, FCC TS6949 testing.Have a complete QA QC testing process 
Style &Functions
Our car navigators come in a variety of styles and functions, suitable for all types of car models and various customer needs.We have a variety of styles such as common models for all models and exclusive models for unique models, and various functions are complete at the same time.
Stable product adaptability
Our products will undergo multiple suitability tests before being sold to ensure that each product and car has stable suitability and enhance the purchasing experience of our customers. In this regard, we have always been praised by our customers
After-sales service
One-year warranty, we provide free software, user interface, and GPS navigation map updates. For old customers we will always provide free after-sales service, but additional maintenance fees will be charged.
How Can We Help?

1. You can get more car navigation display industry information

No matter what consulting needs you have, we will help you answer them, including purchasing guides, product functions, and technological innovations.

2. You can understand the market price of the industry

You can get a free quote to understand the market price status of the product industry. Whether you buy it or not, we hope to become friends with everyone who is interested in automotive multimedia hosts.

3. Get a reliable partner

Join us and you will get a reliable supplier with guaranteed product quality, competitive price and one-year after-sales service.
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