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Empowering E-commerce Sellers with OEM, Logistics, and Support


MCX is a company that provides various services to e-commerce sellers, including OEM customization, logistics, and support services.

Overall, by providing these services, MCX enables e-commerce sellers to focus on their core business operations and leave the technical, logistical, and support aspects to the experts at MCX. This allows e-commerce sellers to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and provide high-quality products and services to their customers.


OEM customization services refer to the ability of MCX to customize products based on the specific requirements of the e-commerce seller.
For example, if an e-commerce seller wants to sell a product that is similar to a product already available in the market but with certain modifications, MCX can help them create a customized version of the product. This service enables e-commerce sellers to differentiate themselves from competitors and offer unique products to their customers.


Logistics services provided by MCX involve managing the entire process of product delivery.
This includes storing the products in a warehouse, managing inventory, picking and packing the products, and shipping them to the customers. MCX ensures that the products are delivered to customers on time, and the process is streamlined to minimize errors and delays.

E-commerce Seller

Support services provided by MCX include after-sales support and customer service.
his includes handling customer inquiries, providing technical support, and resolving any issues that customers may have with the products. MCX provides e-commerce sellers with the resources and expertise they need to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their products and services.
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