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What Is A Car Navigation Head Unit

1、Definition of Car Head Unit

  • Universal Car Head Unit
  The universal navigation head unit is suitable for all car brands and models. It can be seamlessly integrated with any car model by simply matching the car panel frame with the car. The common general-purpose styles at present are telescopic machines, MP5, MT8163, TS10, TS18, TS7, T3, T3L, T5, etc.
  • Special Car-specific Head Unit
   This design is suitable for specific high-end models and is integrated with its functions. Currently, mid-to-high-end models such as BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Audi       on the market have dedicated car radio screens.

2、Car Head Unit Size Selection

  • Android car audio systems usually come in various screen sizes, such as 7-inch, 9-inch, 10-inch, 10.25-inch, 12.3-inch, etc. The choice of screen size is mainly influenced by the size on the car panel frame and car compatibility.
  • The current android audio head unit from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus, and other manufacturers in the market are primarily sized at 10.25 inch and 12.3 inch.

3、Configuration of Car Navigation Head Unit


(1) The applicability of cars is different.

Universal car head units are suitable for general needs and a variety of car models, while dedicated car head units are more suitable for specific car models that require higher customized functions and perfect installation.

(2) Different in functions and installation methods
  • Universal vehicle head units are designed for general vehicle models and usually have standard sizes and interfaces, and can be easily installed on a variety of vehicle models.
  • They usually have general functions, such as navigation, multimedia playback, Bluetooth connection, etc., but may not be fully adapted to the functions of some specific models.
  • Special vehicle head units are designed for specific car models, and they usually match the shape and size of the dashboard of the specific car model to achieve a more perfect installation.
  • A dedicated vehicle host may have more customized functions, such as vehicle information display, vehicle condition monitoring, air conditioning control, etc., and can be better integrated with the vehicle's own system.
Car Head Unit Sales Methods
 Method One:
 Cable + Head Unit
  • The product is small in size and the shipping cost is cheaper.
  • This type of central control screen does not have an additional frame. The screen is directly installed on the central control panel, making the overall system simpler and more compact.
  • May be more susceptible to impact and damage, requiring more careful use and maintenance.
 Method Two:
 Cable + Head Unit + Car Radio Panel Frame
  • Larger in size and more expensive in shipping costs.
  • The design of the outer frame can increase the overall aesthetics.
  • Usually requires more space and tools, and requires more installation procedures.
  • Sturdy and durable, effectively prevents the screen from collision and damage.
Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Car Navigation Head Unit
1、Whether the Purchased Products Meet Market Demand?
There are many types of navigation consoles, and as a dealer you need to consider the needs of the local market. This means you need to do some research on the local market. For example, your local customers mainly use Toyota, BMW, and Nissan models, which means you need to focus on purchasing these models. Each supplier has its own advantageous products, and you can look for suppliers with larger-scale production lines, quality and stability in these models.

This will ensure that the car radio you buy can be sold faster and at a profit.
2、Supplier’s Production Strength
When choosing a suitable car android audio supplier, it is recommended to judge from the following points:
  • Supplier's production and sales experience
  • Factory Size
  • Number of Production Lines
  • Business Service Quality
  • Quality Assurance Policy
  • After-sales Service
3、Customization Ability
  • If you wish to create exclusive brand customization for your car DVD player Bluetooth store or company, you must consider the customization capabilities of the OEM.
  • Customization of car audio systems in the current market includes packaging customization, product surface logo customization, radiator customization, startup screen animation customization, UI customization, system solution customization, etc.
  • Brand customization can help you enhance your brand awareness while creating product uniqueness and improving product competitiveness.
4、Purchase Price
The product price affects the dealer's profit. New buyers often face varied market prices, unsure of the right purchase price.
  •  You need to know the selling price in the local market:
First of all, you need to understand the selling price in your local market. Then when purchasing, you should keep a profit of 5-15% based on the selling price. The calculated result is your best purchase price.
  • The more you purchase, the lower the price:
If you are a wholesaler and purchase 100-500 pieces of car multimedia players, then the price will be between US$35 and US$220 (the configuration of the product determines the price). If you buy a larger quantity, the price will be lower.
  • Products at different price points have different functions:
Lower-priced devices have smaller displays and basic features like AM/FM radios and CD players.
Mid-range devices offer more advanced features like Bluetooth, USB ports, and larger displays.
Higher-priced devices come with larger displays, GPS, HD resolution, and premium features for better driving experience.
Procurement Logistics Methods
Foreign trade orders with freight forwarders:
In the case of freight forwarding, the freight forwarding company is responsible for handling the transportation, customs declaration, inspection and other logistics links of the goods. Customers only need to provide order information and pay the corresponding fees. Freight forwarding companies will provide professional logistics services to ensure that goods are delivered to their destination safely and quickly. Customers do not need to worry too much about logistics matters, saving time and energy
Foreign trade orders without freight forwarder:
In the absence of a freight forwarder, customers need to handle the transportation, customs declaration, inspection and other logistics links of the goods themselves. Customers need to negotiate transportation methods and costs with suppliers, and handle customs declaration and inspection procedures by themselves to ensure that the goods pass customs inspection smoothly. Customers need to take on more responsibilities and workloads and spend more time and energy on logistics matters.
Installation And Payment Issues

Installation issues of car navigation screen

Our company and factory are in China. We will transport the products to your designated place by express. After you receive the goods, you don’t need to worry about installation problems.We will provide you with the following methods:
  • Complete and detailed installation video
  • Complete installation instructions
  • 24-hour online installation guidance

Payment Security Issues

I understand that you may be worried about the security of your payment funds. We have various payment methods, or here we will use Alibaba International Station, an internationally famous and official third-party platform.
(1)Alibaba official website protection policy: We have official stores on the international Alibaba platform, and your transactions are protected by the platform.
Notice:We will not receive the payment immediately after your payment is completed, it will be temporarily kept by the Alibaba platform; only after you receive the goods and confirm that the goods are correct on the platform, we can receive your payment amount. If we do not ship the goods, or If there is a problem with the product, the platform will also refund the funds to you. This means your funds are protected.
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(2)Multiple payment methods: We support multiple payment methods, You can choose any payment method you like.
T/T、L/C、Western Union、D/P、D/A、WeChat、Alipay.
(3)Complete transaction process: Before placing an order for a product, we will only collect part of the deposit from the customer, then notify the factory to prepare the goods, confirm with the customer before shipping, and then collect the remaining funds and ship the product.

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