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MCX BMW 1 Series 2012-2016 NBT GPS Car Navigation Touch Screen Factories

This car navigation touch screen has automatic voice navigation, best route search and other functions to allow you to take shortcuts and travel smoothly. The integrated office and entertainment functions allow you to drive easily and efficiently!
  • BMW 1 Series 2012-2016 NBT

  • MCX

  • MCX BMW 1 Series 2012-2016 NBT

  • 10.25 Inch

  • Black

  • BMW 1 Series 2012-2016 NBT

  • Dashboard

  • wired / wireless

  • NBT 10.25 inch 2+64G 217$

  • Support one piece retail

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Product Details

GPS Car Navigation Touch Screen Factories

Our android car touch screen have strict testing procedures, including key friction test, key life test, vibration test and TEMP&HUMI CHAMBER high and low temperature test.

Our testing procedures ensure that our car navigation touch screens are durable and reliable in various conditions, providing our customers with a high-quality and long-lasting product.

For your BMW 1 Series 2012-2016 NBT GPS Car Navigation Touch Screen car model, you can choose the case you need from the next 6 cases and contact us as soon as possible !

UIS 8581
Product number Z800 Z800 Pro Z800 Pro Max Y450 Y665 Y665 PIus
CPU UIS 8581 UIS 8581 UIS 8581 Snapdragon 450 Snapdragon 665 Snapdragon 665
2G+64G 4G+64G 4G+128G 4G+64G 8G+128G 8G+256G
system version Android 12 Android 12 Android 12 Android 12 Android 12 Android 12
core Octa-Core Octa-Core Octa-Core Octa-Core Octa-Core Octa-Core
WirelessCarplay Support Support Support Support Support Support
Android Auto Support Support Support Support Support Support
Resolution 1920*720 1920*720 1920*720 1920*720 1920*720 1920*720
4G LTE No Support Support Support Support Support Support


No Support No Support No Support Support Support Support
4K No Support Support Support Support Support Support


4G is an optional functions; Supported area: Asia, Europe,Africa and  Middle East.


Software Version Android 10/Android 11/Android 12
Platform Qualcomm Snapdragon
CPU 8 Core
Resolution 1920*720/1280*480
ROM 64GB/128GB/256GB
Screen Headunit Upgrade
Smarter Android: Wireless Carplay(Optional), support Android Auto(Optional), 4G(Optional), WIFI, GPS, BT
Keep all original menu and functions, add android functions

More Details


Support Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, etc.
Internet Support WIFI & 4G(SIM Card)
Android Apps Pre-Installation Google Map, Google Mail, Google Play...Support Other Android Apps
GPS Support Google map online, Waze, IGo, Navitel, Sygic, 3D maps, etc
Audio and Video Format MP3, WMA, AAC, RM, FLAC
PHONE Function Version 5.0, Support Phone Music, Phone Calling, Phonebook
Microphone Built-in Microphone and External Microphone
Rear View Camera Support Car Back Camera/After-market Camera
Radio Keep Car Radio, Support Car Radio
Steering Wheel Control Support Previous, Next, Volume up, Volume down, Handsfree Call


1. To make sure the models you would buy will exact fit, send us the pictures of your car dashboard and year.
2. For oversea delivery, please contact with us for delivery fee. TAX and shipping is needed to be charged.
3. Please check and make sure of your address is correct before order.

Advance screen


Larger lcons;Blue Ray Screen;1920X720


New UI & Dashboard

Before Installation

Installation effect


After-sales installation guidance


Support OEM Functions

After-Sales Service

  • We provide you within 24-hour after-sales service, if you have any questions, please consult our phone and email.

email mcxcarplayer@gmail.com
customer-service +86 131 0476 5186

bmw head unit

We specialize in providing android auto head units. Whether you have questions about our products or services, we're here to help and ensure your satisfaction. 

You can trust us to be your reliable Chinese car touch screen supplier. We're committed to delivering the best possible experience for our customers. Thank you for considering us!

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