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BMW Head Unit
Stable Quality & Competitive Price?

We are a car radio manufacturer from China - MCX

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Worry-free installation
We will have detailed installation instructions and installation videos, and we will also have professional technicians to guide you through the installation.

Special models for special cars to solve adaptation problems
Our car head unit can provide fully adapted products according to your car model
Stable Function
Our company has 14 years of production experience and mature production technology. We will conduct strict testing before sale. The product functional stability is as high as less than 99.5%.
Various types
Our products are suitable for all BMW models produced from 2007 to 2020
Various functions
Carplay, 360-degree camera, Video, DSP-Pro, Android, 4G, AHD, BT, WiFi, etc.

Strong customization ability
Supports customization of logo, packaging, radiator, UI, boot animation, system, and functions

One year after-sales guarantee
One-year warranty, we provide free software, user interface, and GPS navigation map updates.

Recommended BMW Head Unit

Our recommended model—— the most popular car navigation display at the moment.
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Frequently Asked Questions​​​​​​​
1.Are you a factory or a traders?
We are factory. We are a professional manufacturer from China with 14 years of production experience. Own two factories, covering an area of 15,000 square meters and average annual production of 800,000 unit.
2.Do you support product customization services?
Yes.We Support packaging, logo, system, multi-plan customization and rear case cooling fan meet the needs of every customer.
3.What are the advantages of your products compared with other brands on the market?
Our company's raw materials are all brand new raw materials provided by large suppliers. We use the latest upgraded version of the chip on the market.
4.How do you ensure the quality of your products?
​​​​​​​We use the latest upgraded chip and touch screen LCD screen with no black spots or defects. It is sensitive to touch, with strong adaptability, stable function use, and anti-interference ability. Our product passed CE, FCC, and TS6949 testing and undergoes a complete QA/QC testing process.
5.What functions do your products have?
Carplay, DSP PLUS with Audio Amplifier IC,4G&Android, 360°camera, EQ, USB, MirrorLink, 1080P, HD, Touch screen, GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, MP3, MP4, MP5, FM&AM etc.
6.Do your products have a warranty period?
One-year warranty, we provide free software, user interface, and GPS navigation map updates. For old customers we will always provide after-sales service, but additional maintenance fees will be charged.
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You can get a free quote to understand the market price status of the product industry. Whether you buy it or not, we hope to become friends with everyone who is interested in automotive multimedia hosts.

3. Get a reliable partner

Join us and you will get a reliable supplier with guaranteed product quality, competitive price and one-year after-sales service.
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