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Car Radio Mirror Link Vs Android Auto

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In the realm of android automotive radio infotainment, two prominent technologies have emerged, promising to integrate the power of your smartphone with android head unit: MirrorLink and Android Auto. As drivers seek a safer and more seamless way to access their apps on the go, understanding the differences between these systems becomes crucial. This blog post dives into the nuances of MirrorLink and Android Auto to help you determine which service drives home the best experience for you.

android auto1、What is MirrorLink?

MirrorLink is a device interoperability standard that offers integration between a smartphone and android car player system. It allows users to mirror their phone's display onto the car head unit, providing access to certain apps optimized for safer in-car use. Developed by the car head unit Connectivity Consortium, MirrorLink's goal is to make the connected driving experience as universal as possible.

(1)Key Features of MirrorLink

Wide Industry Support: MirrorLink is backed by numerous car manufacturers and smartphone vendors.

Device Compatibility: It supports various devices, although not as extensive as Android Auto.

App Availability: Access to a curated selection of apps designed for in-car use.

2、What is Android Auto?

Android Auto, developed by Google, is a system that allows users to project features from an Android device to a multimedia screen for car. It's designed to minimize distractions with an easy-to-use interface and voice commands. android auto head unit provides convenient access to Google Maps, music, messaging, and other apps.

(1)Key Features of Android Auto

Google Integration: Seamless use of Google services like Maps, Assistant, and Play Music.

App Ecosystem: A growing selection of apps specifically designed for Android Auto.

User Interface: A driver-friendly interface that emphasizes larger icons and voice commands.

MirrorLink vs. Android Auto: The Showdown


MirrorLink boasts a broad consortium of supporters, but in practice, Android Auto has wider compatibility with both smartphones and android multimedia carplay models. It's important to check whether your device and vehicle support these systems before making a decision.

4、User Experience

Android Auto offers a more polished user experience, with a familiar Google interface and better voice recognition software through Google Assistant. MirrorLink's user experience can vary greatly depending on the phone and car combination.

5、App Selection

When it comes to the variety of apps, Android Auto has the edge. While MirrorLink offers a decent selection, Android Auto benefits from Google's extensive app ecosystem, including third-party apps that have been optimized for in-car use.


Both platforms allow for the basic functionality of calling, navigation, and music playback. However, android auto player for car deeper integration with Android devices means it can offer a more comprehensive and cohesive experience, especially with real-time updates and information synced from the user's Google account.

7、Safety Features

Both systems are designed with safety in mind, offering hands-free control through voice commands. However, Android Auto's interface is generally considered more intuitive, reducing the temptation to fiddle with controls while driving.


The choice between MirrorLink and Android Auto may ultimately come down to the devices and vehicles you use, as well as your personal preferences for app selection and user interface. Android Auto's streamlined, user-friendly experience, backed by Google's powerful ecosystem, makes it a strong contender in the market. Meanwhile, MirrorLink's universal approach remains a viable option for those seeking a straightforward, app-based android multimedia system for car connectivity solution.

9、Final Thought

As the automotive and tech industries continue to evolve, the capabilities of multimedia car player like MirrorLink and Android Auto will only get more advanced. Whichever one you choose, the road ahead looks promising for tech-savvy drivers seeking the ultimate connected car experience.

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