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How To Add AUX Input To Your Car Stereo?

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An auxiliary (AUX) input is a convenient way to connect external audio devices, such as smartphones and MP3 players, to your android car stereo system.

While many modern bluetooth car radio come equipped with an AUX input, some older models may lack this feature. Fortunately, it's possible to add an auxiliary input to your car stereo with a little know-how and the right tools. 

1.What is AUX?

The auxiliary (AUX) input is a convenient way to connect external wireless car play radio such as smartphones and MP3 players to your touch screen car radio with bluetooth. While many modern car stereos are equipped with an AUX input, some older models may lack this feature.

2. What is the advantage of AUX?dsp radio system


AUX inputs allow you to connect a wide variety of external audio devices, such as smartphones, MP3 players, and portable CD players, to your car stereo.

②Sound Quality

Wired AUX inputs generally provide better sound quality compared to wireless methods, minimizing interference.

③Easy to Use

Connecting a device to an AUX input is simple and straightforward. All you need is a standard 3.5mm car stereo radio cable to link the device's headphone jack to the car stereo's AUX input.


AUX inputs are compatible with a wide range of devices, regardless of brand or model.


Using AUX inputs is a cost-effective solution with relatively inexpensive required cables and no additional costs.

3. What are the steps to add AUX to your car?car stereo system

① Gather necessary tools and materials

Before you begin, you'll need to gather the following tools and materials:

- AUX input adapter or FM modulator (compatible with your auto car radio)

- Wire strippers

- Soldering iron and solder (optional)

- Heat shrink tubing (optional)

- Screwdriver

- Dashboard removal tool (if required)

②Choose the correct AUX input solution

There are 2 main ways to add an AUX input to your carplay radio system: using an AUX input adapter or an FM modulator. The AUX input adapter connects directly to your car stereo's CD changer or satellite radio port for optimal sound quality.

An FM modulator connects to the car's antenna and transmits audio signals over unused FM frequencies. While the sound quality may not be as good as an AUX input adapter, FM modulators are generally easier to install and compatible with a wider range of car stereos.

③Access car audio

To install the AUX input adapter or FM modulator, you will need to access the back of your car audio multimedia system. This may require removal of the dashboard or center console, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

④Connect the AUX input adapter or FM modulatorAux Input

Once you have accessed the back of your android car stereo system, locate the appropriate port for connecting your AUX input adapter or FM modulator. If you use an AUX input adapter, you'll usually need to connect it to a CD changer or satellite radio port.

⑤Install the auxiliary input jack

After connecting the AUX input adapter or FM modulator, you will need to install the auxiliary input jack in a convenient location within the vehicle. It may be located in the glovebox, center console, or other easily accessible location. You may need to drill holes or use existing openings to securely mount the input jack.

⑥Reassemble your dashboard

After installing the auxiliary input jack and connecting the adapter or modulator, carefully reassemble the dashboard or center console, making sure that all components are securely seated and functioning properly.

⑦Test your new AUX input

After reassembly, test the new AUX input by connecting an external audio device to the auxiliary input jack using a 3.5mm wireless car play radio cable. Turn on the car stereo, select the input source (usually labeled "AUX" or "CD Changer"), and play audio to confirm it plays through the car speakers.



Adding an auxiliary input to your car android touch screen is a simple process that can greatly enhance your in-car audio experience.

By choosing the right AUX input solution, accessing your car stereo, and following the installation steps, you can enjoy the convenience and versatility of AUX input in your vehicle. Happy listening!

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