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Can I Use Any Type of Car DVD Player in My Car?

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If you want to upgrade your android dvd car radio, you may be wondering if you can use any type of radio in your car. In short, the answer is no, you cannot use any type of radio in your car. There are several factors you need to consider before purchasing a new radio for your car.

1、 Style Compatibility

The first thing you need to consider is compatibility. Different types of cars have different types of DVD player screen, and not all radios are compatible with all cars. The car android radio system currently on the market are mainly divided into three types: special models, universal models and split models. The following is an introduction to these three styles.

 car Android touch screen

(1) Car-specific Model

One touch screen dvd player is specially equipped with one car model (most of them require the original car CD to be removed). This type of multimedia head unit is specially designed for a specific car model and usually requires the original car's CD to be removed before installation. Normally, mid-to-high-end cars like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Audi, etc. generally have auto radio android screen that fit the car perfectly.

(2) Universal Model

Universal head unit android auto is suitable for most car models, without removing the original car CD, and is easy to install. This type of sound system can be adapted to a variety of car models without requiring large-scale modifications to the original car, and has wider applicability. For some ordinary household models, a universal car dvd navigation system is a good choice, which can improve the sound effect without affecting the vehicle. This kind of auto android touch screen is generally larger in size, rich in functions, and has a wide range of applications.

(3) Split Machine Model

The auto DVD player screen of the split machine is separated from the main unit. The screen can be installed freely according to the vehicle space. The head unit bluetooth is generally installed in a hidden position in the vehicle, which does not affect the beauty of the interior space. This kind of smart car audio system has strong applicability and flexible installation, but it requires professional technicians to install it.

Android DVD player for split motorcycle also makes the screen easier to maintain and replace. There is no need to replace the entire navigation system as a whole, saving maintenance costs. At the same time, the multimedia car radio of the split machine can be customized according to the special needs of the vehicle, providing more personalized functions and options to meet the needs of different car owners.

In general, the split navigation system is more flexible and versatile in installation and use, and is a recommended vehicle navigation device.

Before buying a new touch screen dvd player , you'll want to make sure it's compatible with your car's make and model. You can usually find this information in your car's owner's manual or with a quick online search.

2、 Size Compatibility


The size of radio bluetooth auto is also an important factor to consider. Not all radios are the same size, and not all cars have the same size android auto radio system slots. If you buy a radio that is too big or small for your car, it won't fit properly and you won't be able to use it.

The most popular size on the market is the standard android car audio screen size, called Single DIN. Most cars are equipped with a single DIN car stereo socket. Standard DIN socket dimensions are 2⅛" (50mm) high x 7⅛" (180mm) wide.

The second most common android auto car stereo slot size is the double DIN stereo opening. The  Double Din DVD player screen console slot is twice the height of a standard single DIN slot, but the same width as a single DIN stereo. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a suitable unit that is easy to install.

Available in non-standard sizes. Some believe that OEMs intentionally design custom-sized console openings to discourage consumers from upgrading to aftermarket systems. Still, aftermarket manufacturers continue to design kits and speakers to match these custom dimensions. For example, another possible size is a 1.5 DIN slot.

3、 Wiring Harness Compatibility

Another thing to consider is wiring. Different car dvd player navigation system have different wiring configurations, and not all wiring is compatible with all cars. If the wiring of the product you purchase is incompatible with the wiring of your own vehicle, malfunction or damage may result.

Be sure to read the product manual carefully before purchasing a head unit android auto to understand its wiring configuration and make sure it is compatible with your vehicle. If you are unsure about how your vehicle is wired, it is best to consult a professional or seek help to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss.

Car DVD Player Wiring Method:

(1) Generally, the color of the wiring harness at the rear of new auto head unit screen on the market is defined according to international standards:

Yellow: +BATT, 12V power supply, connected to the normal live wire.

Red: ACC, turn on the power cord, and connect the ACC power cord controlled by the key.

Black: GND, ground, ground or ground wire.

Blue: ANTCON, radio antenna starting line, connected to the electric antenna starting line or antenna amplifier power supply.

radio installation

(2) Blue/white Stripes: REM, remote control start control line, connected to the power amplifier, processor and other equipment of the subsequent stage.

Orange: ILL, small light wire, connected to the small wire of the original car.

Pink: MUTE, mute line, connected to the mute control terminal of other electrical equipment.

White: Positive terminal of the front left speaker cable.

White/black Stripe: negative terminal of front left speaker cable.

Gray: Positive pole of the front right speaker cable Gray/Black system: Negative pole of the front right speaker cable.

Purple: Rear right speaker wire positive. Purple/Black system: Rear right speaker wire positive.

Green: Positive pole of the rear left speaker wire. 

Green/Black System: Negative pole of the rear left speaker wire. When replacing the main unit, you only need to find the wires with the same function as the above on the wiring harness of the original bluetooth radio head unit and connect them accordingly. Some unnecessary wires can be left alone.

(3) Please note: Be very careful when wiring. Once connected incorrectly, the navigator will not be able to start or the internal performance of the touch screen dvd player for car will be damaged.

4、Dashboard Layout

Choose an  Android car audio system that matches your car's dashboard layout. Curved or angled dashboards may require a uniquely shaped audio system. Please make sure that the car radio dvd bluetooth navigation you choose can perfectly adapt to the dashboard layout of your car. This will ensure that the audio system can be perfectly integrated into the car's interior after installation and does not affect the driving experience.

5、 Functional Compatibility

Finally, you need to consider the radio’s functional compatibility. Different radios have different features, and not all features are compatible with all cars.

The most common is the control function of the car steering wheel. Automobile multi-function steering wheels usually have some function buttons on both sides or below the steering wheel, allowing the driver to control the car more conveniently, including controlling the trip computer, android car multimedia player, and answering and hanging up calls. steering wheel controls

The multi-function steering wheel allows the driver to control multiple electronic devices directly on the steering wheel, eliminating the need to search for various buttons on the center console, allowing the driver to focus more on the front, which greatly improves driving safety and convenience.

If the car audio dvd player is installed, the steering wheel button function cannot be used, and it will only affect the buttons that control multimedia, but will not affect the function of controlling the driving computer control buttons. The steering wheel buttons that control multimedia are generally called side control, KEY, SWC, and AD (if you see the head unit screen definition diagram of the original car CD player marked, it is the side control line). Square control is divided into bus type and resistor voltage divider type.

The bus type requires a decoding box; that is, after pressing the square control, a message will be sent to the vehicle-mounted multimedia system through the CAN bus, and the vehicle-mounted multimedia system will execute the corresponding button function.

Mainly talk about the resistor voltage divider type. The performance phenomenon of the resistor voltage divider type is: after pressing different buttons, use a multimeter to measure different voltage values or resistance values.

Generally, there are two square control wires in the original car, one steering wheel control wire, and one steering wheel control wire ground wire (that is, the negative pole). Some cars also have three square control wires, so there are two steering wheel control wires and one ground wire. One of the two side control lines may control the volume increase and decrease of the auto radio dvd player, and switch between up and down songs; the other side control line controls functions such as phone answering, mode switching, and muting.

When choosing the right car audio dvd player for your car, it's important to consider the radio's functional compatibility, especially with the car's steering wheel controls. Steering wheel control functions may vary from car to car, so when purchasing an android audio system, you need to confirm whether it is compatible with your car's multifunction steering wheel. This ensures that you can conveniently control the car's multimedia system, trip computer and other functions, thereby improving driving safety and convenience.

6、 Conclusion

In summary, you cannot use any type of radio in your car. Before purchasing a new car multimedia entertainment system , you need to consider compatibility, size, wiring, and features.

Considering these factors is crucial to ensuring that android auto dvd player you choose will work perfectly with your car. Otherwise, you may face the added hassle and expense of having to replace or adjust the android auto radio unit to fit your car. Therefore, before purchasing a radio, be sure to carefully research and understand your car's compatibility with the android audio head unit.

car radio

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