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Can You Put A Double DIN Radio In A Single DIN Car?

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When it comes to upgrading your bluetooth and usb player, the question of compatibility between your car's dashboard space and the new android touch screen radio often arises. Specifically, many car owners wonder whether they can install a 2 din radio android into a space originally designed for a single DIN unit. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the feasibility, challenges, and solutions associated with such an upgrade.

1、Understanding DIN Sizes

Before delving into the possibilities of installing a 2 din touch screen radio in a single DIN slot, it's crucial to understand what these terms mean. As previously mentioned, DIN stands for "Deutsches Institut für Normung," which is the German standards organization that has set the specifications for car radio sizes.

- A single DIN unit typically measures 180mm by 50mm (7 inches by 2 inches).

- A double DIN unit measures 180mm by 100mm (7 inches by 4 inches).

The double din navigation head unit is essentially twice as tall as the single DIN, allowing for a larger display and additional features.

2、The Challenges of Fitting a Double DIN in a Single DIN Carcar stereo system upgrade

The primary obstacle to installing a double din head unit with gps in a single DIN car is the size of the dashboard opening. A single din radio android auto slot simply isn't tall enough to accommodate the larger unit. Additionally, the dashboard may have structural components, wiring, or other electronics behind the scene that could obstruct a larger unit.

(1)Exploring the Possibility of Installation

Despite the challenges, there are ways to potentially fit a double DIN radio into a single DIN car, but it requires careful planning, consideration, and sometimes vehicle modification:

(2)Dashboard Modification

In some cases, the dashboard can be modified to fit a double din head unit. This process might involve cutting the dash to enlarge the opening and fabricating a new bezel to fit around the radio. However, this is a complex process that can affect the integrity and aesthetics of the dashboard and should only be done by professionals.

(3)Use of Flip-Out Screens

An alternative to physically altering your dashboard is to install a single din car radio with bluetooth with a flip-out or retractable screen. These units fit into a single DIN space but have a motorized screen that slides out and up to provide a larger display. While these don't offer the full size of a double DIN display, they provide a compromise between size and functionality.

(4)Vehicle-Specific Solutions

Some car models have dashboards that can be replaced with aftermarket versions designed to accommodate a double din head unit. These dash kits are designed to match the look and feel of the original dashboard while providing the necessary space for the larger unit.

multimedia stereo system(5)Assessing Electrical Compatibility

Even if you can physically fit a double DIN bluetooth car system into your car, you must also consider the electrical compatibility. The new unit must be compatible with your car's electrical system, including power requirements, speaker outputs, and additional features like steering wheel controls or backup cameras.

(6)Professional Installation Is Key

Due to the complexities involved in modifying a car's dashboard and electrical system, professional installation is highly recommended. Experienced installers can evaluate whether your specific car model is suitable for such an upgrade and can perform the installation safely and efficiently.


While it is not a straightforward 'plug-and-play' procedure, installing a double DIN multimedia stereo system in a single DIN car is possible with the right approach and expertise. Whether through dashboard modification, specialized kits, or innovative products like flip-out screens, car owners have options to enhance their audio system. However, due to the technical and aesthetic challenges involved, seeking professional advice and installation services is crucial to ensure a successful upgrade that meets your expectations and maintains the functionality and value of your vehicle.

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