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How to use the radio function in the car navigation system?

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The touch screen car radio with bluetooth is an indispensable part of modern cars. It not only provides navigation functions, but also serves as an entertainment system to play music, videos and other media content by connecting to mobile phones or other devices. Among them, the radio function in the navigation host is one of the functions commonly used by many people. This article will introduce the radio function in the car navigation host to help readers better understand and use this function.

Definition and function of radio function

The radio function is an important function in the car navigation host. It can receive signals from radio stations and play various types of music, news, sports programs, etc. Through the radio function, drivers can listen to their favorite radio programs anytime and anywhere, enriching the entertainment experience during driving.

Features and advantages of radio function


1. Multi-channel selection: 

The radio function in the car head unit  usually supports the selection of multiple channels, including AM (amplitude modulation) and FM (frequency modulation). Users can choose different channels to listen to according to their preferences and needs.

2. Automatic search and save:

The radio function in the navigation host usually has an automatic search and save function, which can automatically search for available radio channels and save them in the preset channel list. Users can quickly switch to their favorite station simply by pressing the corresponding button.

3. RDS function: 

Some navigation hosts also have RDS (wireless data system) function, which can display radio station names, song information, news and traffic information, etc. This provides users with more information and convenience.

4. External device connection:

 In addition to listening to radio stations, the radio function in the navigation host can also play the user's own music by connecting to external devices, such as mobile phones, MP3 players, etc. In this way, users can play their favorite music at any time according to their preferences.

Things to note when using the radio function

When using the radio function in the car navigation host, there are several things to pay attention to:

1. Channel search:

When using the radio function, it is recommended to perform a channel search first to find available radio channels and save them in the preset channel list. In this way, users can easily switch to their favorite radio stations.

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2. Signal reception: 

When receiving radio station signals, it is recommended to keep the antenna well connected to avoid signal interference and intermittent playback.

3. Driving safety: 

During driving, be careful not to distract your attention when using the radio function to avoid causing interference to driving. You can save your favorite radio stations in the preset channel list in advance for quick switching.

All in all, the radio function in the car auto radio can provide drivers with a rich entertainment experience by listening to music, news and sports programs on radio stations. When using this function, users should pay attention to issues such as channel search, signal reception, and driving safety. By using the radio function properly, you can make the driving process more enjoyable and safer.

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