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How to choose a car navigator suitable for Toyota models?

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Understand needs and budget

1. Purpose and requirements: First, clarify the functions you need. Do you only need navigation functions, or do you also need integrated entertainment functions such as music and phone calls?

2. Budget: Everyone has a different budget, and products cover every price point, from affordable options to high-end luxury configurations. You can choose the system that works best for you based on your needs and budget.

3. Model: Corolla models of different years have different frames installed. You can see the image below. These pictures show the frames of Corolla models from different years. Each year of Corolla has a unique frame design to accommodate different technical and safety requirements. The frame design of Corolla models has evolved and improved many times over the past few decades. From the earliest simple frame structures to the modern use of high-strength steel and composite materials, the technological level of the Corolla frame has continued to improve.

car radiocar navigation touch screenCar navigation pictureCar navigation picture

Research options

1. Original system VS third-party system:Toyota also offers its own navigation audio and video systems, which are generally fully compatible with the vehicle. Third-party systems are often cheaper and may be more feature-rich.

2. Compatibility:Make sure the selected system is fully compatible with your vehicle model, including physical dimensions and electrical interfaces.

3. Function:Check out various features such as GPS navigation, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, touchscreen, voice control, phone integration like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto), backup camera interface, and more.

4. Updates: Consider whether maps and software can be easily updated.

5. Sound quality: If music playback is an important factor, consider the system's audio output quality.

6. User experience: Is the system easy to operate? Is the interface friendly?

7. Brands and Reviews: Choose a reputable brand and check out user reviews and professional reviews.


carplayer picture           carplayer picture       Car navigation picture

try and compare

1. Field trials: If possible, it’s a good idea to try a few different systems yourself to evaluate their performance and ease of use.

2. Compare: Compare several systems you are considering, noting their strengths and weaknesses.

Purchase and install

1. Purchase: Once you make a decision, you can choose to purchase from specialty stores, online stores, etc.

2. Installation: The original system is usually installed by the dealer or professionally installed by a third-party system. Make sure installation is done by qualified professionals.

Follow up and update

1. Software updates: Some systems require regular updates, especially navigation maps.

2. Warranty and Service: Learn about warranty terms and customer service options.

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