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What Is The Factory Password for Android Head Unit?

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Android head units have become increasingly popular in modern vehicles, offering a wide range of features like navigation, multimedia playback, and hands-free calling.

However, accessing some advanced settings and customizations may require entering a factory password. This bolo will provide an overview of factory passwords for android auto wireless car stereo, discuss why they are necessary, and offer guidance on how to find or reset them.

1、Understanding Factory Passwords

A factory password, also known as a factory code or factory setting code, is a unique sequence of numbers or characters used to access certain settings and features in an automobile stereo systems. These settings are typically hidden from the average user to prevent unauthorized changes that could potentially harm the device or void the warranty.

2、Reasons for Needing a Factory Passwordcar radio system

There are several reasons why you might need a factory password for your touch screen car head unit:

(1)Accessing Advanced Settings: Some advanced settings, such as screen calibration or system updates, may require a factory password to prevent accidental changes.

(2)Troubleshooting: If your radio carplay wireless is experiencing issues, you may need to access hidden settings or perform a factory reset, which may require a factory password.

(3)Customization: In some cases, you might want to customize your car radio with usb and bluetooth interface or features, which could require a factory password to access the necessary settings.

3、Finding the Factory Password

There is no universal factory password for all auto multimedia android, as each manufacturer may use a different code. However, there are several ways to find the factory password for your specific device:

(1)Check the User Manual: The factory password may be listed in the user manual that came with your head unit. If you've misplaced the manual, you can often find a digital version on the manufacturer's website.

(2)Contact the Manufacturer: You can reach out to the android car dvd player manufacturer via their customer support channels to request the factory password. Be prepared to provide information about your device, such as the model number and serial number.

(3)Online Forums and Communities: Many online forums and communities are dedicated to smart car touch screen radio, where users share information and tips. You may be able to find the factory password for your device by searching or posting a question on these platforms.

car audio system4、Resetting the Factory Password

If you find yourself unable to find the factory password for your carplay and android auto head unit, one potential solution is to reset it. The exact steps of this process may vary depending on your specific device, but here are some general guidelines to consider:

(1) Turn off the Power: First turn off the power of the host and disconnect it from the vehicle power supply.

(2) Reset: Identify the small reset button on the console, usually located on the front panel or near the SD card slot.

(3) Press the Reset Button: Use a thin, non-conductive tool (such as a toothpick) to press and hold the reset button for a few seconds.

(4) Connect Power: After completing the reset, reconnect the host power supply and power on. At this point, the factory password should have been reset to the default code.


The factory password for an bluetooth car stereo system is an essential piece of information for accessing advanced settings and customizations. By checking the user manual, contacting the manufacturer, or seeking help from online communities, you can find or reset the factory password for your device.Always exercise caution when making changes to your dvd player head unit settings and consult a professional if you're unsure about any adjustments.

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