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How Can I Improve A Bad Factory Installed Car Audio System?

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Driving is not just about getting from point A to B; it's also about the experience along the way. Music can be a significant part of that experience, but a bad factory-installed wireless car audio system can turn your favorite tunes into a lackluster drone. 

If you're facing this issue, you're not alone. Many car enthusiasts and daily commuters are looking for ways to improve their touch screen car cd player experience without breaking the bank. Here's a detailed guide on how to enhance a poor factory-installed car audio system.

Before diving into upgrades, it's crucial to understand the limitations of your current system. Listen to different types of music and note what's lacking. Is it the bass, the clarity, or perhaps the volume? Identifying these aspects will help you prioritize your upgrades.

1、Start With the Source

(1)Head Unit Upgrade

The head unit is the brain of your car stereo head unit bluetooth. Modern aftermarket head units offer improved sound quality and additional features like Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and smartphone integration. Look for a unit with a built-in equalizer for better control over your sound.

(2)High-Quality Audio Files

Poor sound quality can sometimes be attributed to the android car radio stereo files themselves. Ensure you're playing high-bitrate files or streaming through services that offer high-quality audio. This can make a noticeable difference in sound quality.

2、Upgrade Your Speakerscar screen radio system

(1)Replace Factory Speakers

Factory speakers are often made from cheap materials that degrade over time. Replacing them with android dvd player for car can significantly improve clarity, range, and power handling. Consider component speakers for the front of your car for the best sound imaging.

(2)Add an Amplifier

An amplifier can give your speakers the power they need to perform at their best. A good amplifier not only increases volume but also enhances clarity and reduces distortion at higher volumes.

(3) Install a Subwoofer

For those who want to feel the music, a subwoofer is essential. It will handle all the low frequencies, allowing your main speakers to focus on the mids and highs, which will significantly clean up the sound.

3、Sound Deadening

(1)Reduce Road Noise

Sound deadening materials like mats, foams, or sprays can be added to your car's doors, floor, and trunk to reduce road noise and vibration. This creates a quieter interior and allows you to hear your music better.

(2) Speaker Baffles

These can protect the back of your speakers from dust and moisture, but they also help with sound quality by preventing sound waves from bouncing around inside the door or rear deck.

4、Fine-Tune Your System

car android stereo(1)Set Your Equalizer

Take the time to adjust your new head unit for car audio system equalizer settings. Many people prefer a flat response for a more natural sound, but you might want to boost certain frequencies depending on your music preferences and hearing.

(2)Properly Position Your Speakers

The placement of speakers can greatly affect how sound waves travel and interact in your car's cabin. If possible, aim the speakers towards the listeners and at ear level for the best soundstage.

(3)Use Crossovers

Crossovers can be used to direct the appropriate frequencies to the right speakers. This ensures that your tweeters, mid-range speakers, and subwoofers are only producing the sounds they're designed to handle.

5、Consider Professional Installation

While many audio upgrades can be done as DIY projects, professional installation can ensure that components are installed correctly and safely. Professionals can also help with tuning your system for optimal sound quality.


Improving a bad factory-installed touch screen bluetooth radio doesn't have to be a daunting task. By methodically assessing and upgrading components, you can transform your in-car audio experience. 

Remember, it’s not just about volume or bass; it’s about balance, clarity, and creating an immersive listening environment that makes every drive more enjoyable. With the right approach, you can achieve a bluetooth stereo head unit that rivals even the most premium factory-installed systems.

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