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Tips To Choose Features in Car Head Unit

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When venturing into the market to purchase a android car radio, the array of functions offered by the car navigation central control can be overwhelming. Often, we find ourselves puzzled when asked if we require these functions, mainly because we may not fully comprehend their purpose or whether it's worth the additional expense. 

To address this, let's categorize and explain the roles and value of the functions provided by the android car audio system

The functions of a automotive radio system can be divided into two categories: basic functions and upgraded functions. Basic functions cater to the driver's essential needs, while upgraded functions are designed to enhance the driver's convenience and audio experience.

一、What functions does a car radio include?

Basic Function

Radio (AM/FM)

BT(Built-in BT5.0, Bluetooth Music, Phonebook, Hands Free)

WIFI (2.4G/5G (built-in) )
2.4G/5G (built-in)
Reverse Camera Input

Upgrade Function

Sound Control
Split Screen
Media Playback
Steering Wheel Controls
360 Camera
FOTA Update
Sleep Function
Preamp Outputs
Carplay & Android Auto (Wireless/Wire)

Through continuous upgrades, the functions of car multimedia screens are becoming more and more diversified. The following is an introduction to the most basic functions of car android head unit system.

1、Basic Functions

(1)Car Radio Function

Almost all car android head units screen come standard with AM/FM radio. However, for a broader range of station choices and improved sound quality, consider units that support HD or satellite radio.

2)Audio Power

The power output of the auto android head unit can directly affect sound quality. For the best audio performance, look for a unit with a high RMS power rating.

(3)Bluetooth Connectivity

This feature allows wireless connection of your smartphone for hands-free calling and music streaming. It's a standard feature in many modern head units.

FM AM radio

BT Radio


GPS-enabled car android radio system support both offline and online navigation (like Google Maps), offering accurate, wide-area coverage.


Wi-Fi connectivity allows passengers to access the internet, significantly improving long car rides and enhancing the overall driving experience.

(6)Rear View Camera

Some car radio systems with Android capability can connect to a reverse camera. This camera will display the video on the screen when the car is put into reverse gear.



rear view camera

In addition to the above basic functions, android car multimedia players also have many upgraded functions.The following is an introduction to the upgraded functions of car android touch screens.

2、Upgraded Functions

With this smooth integration, users can stay connected and informed while keeping their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

Whether you're receiving important notifications, navigating to a new location, or just listening to your favorite music, this technology provides a convenient and secure way to stay connected on the go.

(1)Sound Control

Basic sound control features like an equalizer (EQ) allow you to adjust the sound to your liking. Some car stereo media player also offer more advanced sound shaping features. Some of these advanced features include time alignment, crossover settings, and speaker level adjustments.

(2)Split Screen

The split-screen feature provides greater convenience and multitasking while driving, making it easy to access important information without constantly switching between different screens.

This feature allows the driver to keep their focus on the road while still being able to focus on important navigation or entertainment options. It is one of the most favorite android auto android head unit features among users today.

(3)Media Playback

Media playback on a car radio refers to the radio's ability to play various types of media files, such as music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Some head unit car stereos also support advanced media playback features such as album cover display, playlist creation, and shuffle/repeat modes. Media playback is a popular feature among drivers who like to listen to music or other audio content on the road.

10 inch radio

radio fucture

car android stereo


Realize high-speed sampling, real-time processing and fast transmission of signals. It achieves high-precision signal processing through algorithm and hardware optimization, reducing processing time and cost.

If you have high requirements for car music sound quality, then this function is something you must consider when buying a bluetooth car radio touch screen. This function can be achieved by optimizing audio processing and enhancing the sound system, so that you can enjoy high-quality music while driving. Music experience.

(5)Steering Wheel Controls

It enables drivers to efficiently and safely navigate and control the movement of their vehicle by providing functions such as steering, turn signals, horn, cruise control, audio and media controls, and phone and voice control. Looking for an android auto head unit with steering wheel controls to strike a balance between driving and entertainment.

(6)360 Camera

The 360-degree camera boasts five cameras that cover all viewing angles, offering drivers a comprehensive understanding of their surroundings. 

This advanced system provides users with greater confidence and peace of mind while on the move.


car media screen

360 camera

(7)FOTA Update

FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) updates are a feature that allows users to update Android device firmware (software) wirelessly, typically over Wi-Fi or cellular networks, without requiring a physical connection to a computer.This feature enables users to update their touch screen radio system to the latest version, which may include bug fixes, security patches, and new features.

(8)Sleep Function

In car radios, the sleep function automatically turns off the radio after a set period of inactivity to save battery power. It's useful for preventing battery drain and can be deactivated by turning the radio back on.

(9)Preamp Outputs

If you plan on adding an external amplifier or powered subwoofer to your system, you'll need a android car DVD player with preamp outputs. Without preamp outputs, you won't be able to connect the additional equipment properly, and you may not get the best sound quality.

(10)Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

These features sync contacts, email, notifications, navigation maps, and music apps with your auto android radio screen. iPhone users can also leverage Siri for voice commands.

It is especially beneficial for young people who don't want to miss messages from friends and family or the latest news. 

android radio

wireless android auto

wireless android auto

Remember, the best head unit for you will depend on your specific needs and the type of car you have. It's always a good idea to do some research and read reviews before making a purchase.By understanding these functions, you can make a more informed decision when purchasing a car head unit.

car Android touch screen

二、Tips For Choosing Function of Car Radio

With the development of technology, the functions of bluetooth car radio touch screen are becoming more and more diverse. How to choose a radio auto bluetooth with suitable functions for your car is a difficult task. Below I will give you some suggestions. Eliminate your worries about choosing car radio features.

1、If you are an individual car owner

You need to consider the following points

(1)Compatibility with Carscar Android touch screen

Check the Size of the Car Audio Unit:

Choose Android car audio system by checking unit size. Different sizes may not fit every car model. Measure dashboard dimensions to determine fitting system size.

You should make sure the touch screen car radio is compatible with your car's model before selecting any features. Some cars have specific sizes and wiring configurations, and you'll need to choose the appropriate size of head unit based on the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

The most prevalent size in the market is the standard car stereo size known as Single DIN. The majority of cars are equipped with a single DIN car stereo socket. Standard DIN slot dimensions are 2⅛ inches (50 mm) high by 7⅛ inches (180 mm) wide.

The second most common car stereo slot size is the Double DIN stereo opening. Double Din DVD head unit slots are twice as tall as a standard single DIN slot, but the same width as a single DIN stereo. Therefore, it is crucial to select a unit that is appropriate and simple to install.

There are non-standard sizes. Some believe that OEMs intentionally design custom sized head unit openings to discourage consumers from upgrading to aftermarket systems. Despite this, aftermarket manufacturers continue to design kits and stereos to match these custom sizes. For instance, another possible size is the 1.5 DIN slot.

Check the Wiring Harness Compatibility:

Make sure the wiring harness is compatible before buying an Android car audio system. Different car models have different wiring harnesses, so make sure the system you choose works with your car's harness. Incompatible harnesses can cause malfunctions or damage.

Consider the Dashboard Layout:

Choose an Android car audio system that matches your car's dashboard layout. Curved or angled dashboards may need a unique shaped audio system.

(2)Determine Your Budget

Bluetooth touch screen radio come in a wide price range, so it's important to determine how much you're willing to spend. This will help narrow down the options available to you.

If you're an individual buyer, Android car radios range in price from $220 to $1,449 on Amazon.

If you are a wholesaler buying 100-500 pieces car multimedia players, then its price will range from $35 to $220. If you buy more quantity, then the price will be lower.

Lower-priced devices often come with smaller displays and basic features like AM/FM radios and CD players. Mid-range devices offer more advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and larger displays. Higher-priced devices come with larger displays, GPS navigation, HD resolution, and other premium features to enhance your driving experience.

car audio android(3)Consider Your Needs

Consider which features of multimedia player auto android are critical to you. Do you just need basic FM/AM radio functionality, or do you also want Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port, or even built-in navigation? Make a list of features that you prioritize.

When considering which android touch screen radio to buy, it's important to weigh features against your specific needs. If you're primarily interested in basic audio features and don't care about advanced features, a more affordable option might be right for you.

However, if you value extra connectivity options and a more immersive display, a mid-range device may be the best fit. For those who prioritize top-tier features like GPS navigation and HD resolution, investing in a pricier device can provide the best in-car entertainment experience. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your preferences and how you plan to use the device while on the road.

(4)Sound Quality

Considering sound quality is the most important function. Look for one of those car dvd player with bluetooth that offers good sound quality polish, with features like built-in equalizer and advanced digital signal processing (DSP) to enhance audio performance. Also, consider whether you need to connect an external amplifier or subwoofer to further improve the sound quality.

(5)Connectivity Options

A modern car android touch screen should have a variety of connectivity options. Look for ones with Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and audio streaming, USB ports to connect external devices like smartphones and USB drives, and an auxiliary input to support other audio device sources. Consider whether you need features like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for seamless integration with mobile devices.


If you often rely on GPS navigation, consider choosing a vehicle head unit android equipped with built-in navigation function. Look for features like pre-installed maps, real-time traffic updates and voice guidance. In addition, some vehicle head units also provide smartphone integration with navigation applications such as Google Maps or Waze.

(7)Multimedia Functions

If you like to enjoy multimedia entertainment while driving, please consider choosing an auto radio system with multimedia functions. Look for head units that support a variety of media formats such as CD, DVD, MP3 and digital video formats. Additionally, some aluminum consoles offer touch-screen displays that include controls and access to multimedia options.

(8)User Interface

The user interface of the audio head unit android should be easy to operate. Look for or have a head unit with a responsive display, customizable and simple operating options. Consider whether you prefer a physical button interface or a touchscreen interface.

2、If you are an android automotive radio wholesale purchaser

In addition to the above selections, you need to consider the following additional issues:

(1)Whether the Purchased Products Meet Market Demand

The first thing you need to consider is whether the car DVD player multimedia you want to purchase can meet the needs of your market.

For example, your local customers mainly use Toyota, BMW, and Nissan models, which means that you need to find android car DVD player manufacturers that have quality and price advantages in the android auto audio of these models. Since different manufacturers have different advantages in different car brands, they have more main product production lines and the production quality is more guaranteed.

This will ensure that the car radio you buy can be sold faster and at a profit.

(2)Supplier’s Production Strength

When you are looking for a stable supply, you will have to consider the strength of the supplier.

When choosing a suitable car android audio supplier, it is recommended to judge from the following points:

The supplier's production and sales experience, factory size, number of production lines, business service quality, quality assurance policy, after-sales service, etc. These will ensure that your procurement tasks can be completed on time with high quality and sufficient quantity.

(3) Customization Ability

If you wish to create an exclusive brand customization for your car dvd player bluetooth store or company, you must consider the customization capabilities of the OEM.

Customization of car audio system  in the current market includes packaging customization, product surface logo customization, radiator customization, startup screen animation customization, UI customization, system solution customization, etc. Brand customization can help you enhance your brand awareness while creating product uniqueness and improving product competitiveness.

By considering these factors, whether you are a car owner or a car stereo head unit wholesale buyer, you can choose the most suitable product or the most satisfactory cooperative supplier. Please remember, the car auto audio system you choose should meet your specific requirements and enhance your driving experience.

car Android touch screen

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