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Why Is The Sound Distorted From My New Car Speakers?

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Congratulations on upgrading your radio dvd auto with new speakers! This move guarantees an enhanced listening experience while you're on the road. However, it can be a frustrating and confusing experience if you turn up the volume and get distortion instead of crystal clear sound .

Distortion in new car speakers can be a symptom of a variety of problems, from installation errors to mismatched components. Let’s take a deeper look at the common reasons your new car speakers may have distorted sound and how to fix them.

1. Improper installation

One of the main causes of sound distortion is incorrect installation. If the speakers are not properly secured, they may vibrate against the vehicle frame or door panels, causing a buzzing or rattling sound. Additionally, incorrect wiring can cause a number of problems, including distortion at higher volumes.


Make sure all speakers are securely mounted and have no loose contacts. Check the wiring and make sure the positive and negative terminals are connected correctly. If you're not confident in your DIY skills, it might be worth calling in a professional to recheck the installation.

2. Overwhelming or depressingcar stereo system

Speakers require the right amount of power to function optimally. If your car amplifier is too powerful for your speakers, it can cause distortion and possible damage to the speakers. Conversely, if the amplifier isn't powerful enough, it may struggle to drive the speakers adequately, causing distortion, especially at higher volumes.


Match your speakers with an amplifier that provides the right amount of power. Check the RMS (Root Mean Square) ratings of speakers and amplifiers to ensure compatibility.

3. Poor quality android auto radio unit files

In the age of digital music, the quality of audio files greatly. If you're playing low-bitrate MP3s or low-quality streaming music varies, your new speakers may expose flaws in those files, causing sound distortion.


Choose high-quality car audio system with speakers files, preferably with a bitrate of at least 320 kbps. If you're streaming music, adjust the settings in the app to stream at the highest quality possible.

4. Speaker failure or manufacturing defect

Sometimes, the problem may stem from the speaker himself. Manufacturing defects, although rare, may cause distortion. This may be due to poor quality materials or damage during shipping.


If you suspect a defect, please contact the retailer or manufacturer. Most speakers come with a warranty, and you may be eligible for replacement or repair.

dsp radio system5. Volume and Gain Settings

Turning the volume or gain too high can easily lead to distortion. Your new speakers may be able to pump out louder sound, but that doesn't mean your car's existing system can handle the increased load without distortion.


Adjust volume and gain settings on your head unit with bluetooth and amplifier. Make sure they are set to a level that allows clear sound reproduction without distortion.

6. Insufficient soundproofing

Cars are not always the ideal environment for perfect sound due to road noise and vibration. A lack of adequate soundproofing material may cause the speakers to compete with external noise, which may be considered distortion.


Consider adding sound deadening material to doors and panels. This absorbs vibrations and reduces road noise, allowing your speakers to perform at their best.

7. Conclusion

Distorted sound from your new android for head unit can be frustrating, but it's usually a solvable problem. Problems can usually be pinpointed and resolved by systematically checking for installation errors, ensuring correct power matching, using high-quality audio files, adjusting settings appropriately, and confirming the integrity of the speakers.

Remember, if the task seems daunting, seeking help from a professional installer can save you time and ensure your wireless carplay radio is set up for optimal performance. Enjoy the journey with your new speakers and may your future drives be filled with the purest sound.

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