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MCX T3L Touchscreen Android Car DVD Player

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MCX has been developing cutting-edge car navigation systems for many years. 

With a rich history of innovation and a commitment to delivering the highest quality products, it has become a trusted name in the industry. 

MCX offers a variety of car navigators to suit the needs of every vehicle and budget, ensuring there is a product to suit everyone.

Our android head unit use state-of-the-art technology to provide drivers with accurate, real-time navigation information. 

Whether it's a long trip or your daily commute, our navigator ensures you find the best route and destination.


Steering Wheel Control

Steering wheel controls are buttons or switches located on the vehicle's steering wheel that allow the driver to conveniently manage various car functions without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

These controls typically include audio system functions such as adjusting volume, selecting channels, and navigating tracks.

The primary goal of steering wheel controls is to increase driver safety and convenience by providing easy access to frequently used functions, minimizing disruption to the primary task of driving.


FM/RDS Radio

Our car radio supports reception from three different frequencies: QN8035, SI4754, and TDA7708, making it versatile for various applications.

Moreover, its strong signal reception capabilities make it reliable for outdoor activities such as sports, camping, and traveling. 

Users can enjoy stable and clear sound quality, allowing them to listen to music and stay updated with the latest news.

mirror link

Mirror Link

MirrorLink works by establishing a connection between the smartphone and the car's infotainment system using a USB cable or wirelessly through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Once connected, the user can navigate their smartphone's interface directly on the car's display, making it easier to access navigation apps, music streaming services, phone calls, messaging, and other compatible apps.

Large Memorymemory

The large memory options provide ample storage and enhanced performance for your needs. Whether you choose the 1+16GB, 2+16GB, or 2+32GB configuration.

With these generous memory capacities, you can effortlessly run multiple applications, store numerous files, and enjoy smooth performance without worrying about running out of space.


EQ Sound

EQ sounds  allows users to adjust the frequency response of the sound output. 

The EQ settings enable users to modify the balance of different frequencies, such as bass, midrange, and treble, to suit their personal preferences or the characteristics of the audio content they are listening to.

By intelligently adjusting the distribution of audio frequencies and volumes, EQ Sound brings perfect balance and clarity to your music. 

Whether it's deep, punchy bass, smooth, warm mids, or crisp, clear highs, every element of your favorite music is carefully enhanced to create a truly immersive, captivating audio experience.

Optional UI StyleUI

We can design different UI styles for users. You can choose the one that comes with the navigator, or you can choose various color schemes, fonts and layouts according to your own preferences.

 Whether it's a vibrant and energetic look, or a simple and clean aesthetic, UI style, we can design it for you to suit the different tastes of different customers.


GPS Navigation

GPS navigation systems are commonly used in vehicles, both standalone devices and integrated into car infotainment systems. 

They provide convenience, accuracy, and efficiency in navigating unfamiliar areas, improving driver safety and reducing travel time. 

Additionally, GPS navigation can be found in smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices, allowing users to access navigation services on the go.

Bluetooth FunctionBT

Bluetooth technology ensures a seamless connection with your mobile devices, not only allowing you to easily and answer calls while driving, but also wirelessly streaming music for you and allowing you to enjoy crystal-clear music while on the road.

With the utilization of this advanced technology, you will be able to liberate your hands and enhance the safety of your driving experience.

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