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The Latest Exclusive Research and Development of MCX————DSP Pro with Audio Amplifier IC

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1、What is the DSP function of a car?

The DSP function of a car media touch screen refers to the digital signal processing (Digital Signal Processing) function. The DSP function can digitize vehicle audio signals to improve audio quality and sound effects. Through DSP functions, vehicles can realize audio balance adjustment, sound field control, surround sound effects, noise suppression and other functions to provide a better audio experience.

2、Why does car central control need DSP function?

The DSP (Digital Signal Processor) function of a car navigation monitors is an audio processing technology used to optimize and improve the sound quality of the car audio system. By digitally processing audio signals, DSP can achieve the following functions:

  •  Sound field adjustment:

    DSP can adjust the audio signal to create a more ideal sound field environment for the listeners in the car. This includes adjusting the frequency response, sound image positioning and sound field width of the sound system to achieve a more natural and wider sound.

  • Equalizer settings:

    DSP provides multi-band equalizer (EQ) settings, allowing users to adjust audio frequencies according to personal preferences and music type. This helps improve bass, midrange, and treble performance for a richer, more balanced sound.

  • Dynamic compression and expansion:

    DSP can dynamically compress and expand audio signals to balance volume fluctuations and improve overall sound quality. This helps maintain stable volume levels while improving detail and sound clarity at high speeds or in noisy environments.DSP can perform time domain processing on audio signals to achieve more accurate sound image localization and more natural sound effects.

In short, the DSP function of the automotive stereo can significantly improve the sound quality of the auto car radio and provide users with a better audio experience by digitally processing audio signals.

3、What are the classifications of DSP?

  • Basic DSP:

    This is the basic digital signal processing function equipped in most vehicles, which can perform basic adjustments such as auto bluetooth radio equalization adjustment and volume control.

  •  Golden Finger DSP:

    The advanced version of the DSP function adds more adjustment options to the basic version, such as sound field control, surround sound effects, bass enhancement, etc., which can provide a richer sound experience. Users can slide freely through the car touch screen Android to create smooth sound effects.

  • DSP Pro with Audio Amplifier IC: 

    The audio amplifier IC part is responsible for amplifying the audio signal processed by the DSP to drive the speakers in the screen radio for car with bluetooth. It can provide sufficient power output to ensure high-quality amplification of auto radio carplay signals and high fidelity of music. It can achieve different sound effects through algorithms and parameter adjustments, such as surround sound effects, 3D sound field effects, etc.

dsp radio system


dsp audio

4、What are the innovations and advantages of latest DSP Pro with Audio Amplifier IC Definition?

An audio amplifier integrated circuit is an electronic component responsible for amplifying the audio signals received from the DSP. It increases the power of the audio signal, making it suitable for driving the speakers in a android car audio system . The amplifier IC is designed to provide high-quality audio output with minimal distortion and noise while maintaining energy efficiency.

Advantages of  DSP Pro with Audio Amplifier IC 

  • Improved audio quality: 

By combining advanced DSP audio processing with a high-quality audio amplifier, this solution can deliver superior audio performance in car audio systems.

  • Space and cost savings: 

Integrating the DSP and audio amplifier into a single unit reduces the need for separate components, saving space and potentially reducing the overall cost of the audio system.

  •  Simplified system design: 

Combining the DSP and audio amplifier into a single unit simplifies the design and integration of the radio auto bluetooth, making it easier for manufacturers to develop and implement advanced audio features.

  • Energy efficiency: 

Modern DSP and audio amplifier ICs are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing power consumption and heat generation, which is especially important in automotive applications.

In summary, the DSP Pro with Audio Amplifier IC  is a powerful solution for car audio systems, offering advanced audio processing capabilities and high-quality amplification in a compact and efficient package.

5、About development of MCX————DSP Pro with Audio Amplifier IC

Some other car android head unit suppliers do not yet have this enhanced DSP functionality. This is a unique design of MCX. Enhanced DSP's processing speed and computing power are nearly 1,000% higher than standard DSP capabilities, enabling faster audio and video signal processing. This allows users to experience clearer, more natural sound, including improved bass, treble, harmonies and soundscapes.

Users can also enjoy clearer, more vivid video quality, as well as enhanced color accuracy and smoother motion. Advanced DSP Pro technology optimizes audio and video synchronization for a truly immersive, lifelike entertainment experience.

Additionally, the enhanced computing power enables seamless multitasking, allowing users to easily switch between applications and enjoy uninterrupted performance. With DSP Pro, MCX continues to push the boundaries of innovation, delivering cutting-edge technology that enhances the way we perceive and enjoy audio and video content.

MD-01 car radio

Finally,how to purchase our products with DSP Pro with Audio Amplifier IC function?

We currently have a universal MCX 8163 car central control display screen with DSP-Pro (with Audio Amplifier IC) product. It is the latest research and development of our company and is exclusively supplied in the existing international market.

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